Today is Harmony Day and the theme is -Sport ( “play, engage, inspire.” )

It recognises the important role and positive influence that sport has in our

multicultural nation. Involvement in sport whether as a participant, volunteer,

spectator or administrator unites people of all ages and fosters a sense of

belonging, acceptance and an understanding of other cultures.


Harmony Day is celebrated on 21st March in Australia and is managed by the

Department of Immigration and Citizenship. It is intended to celebrate the

cohesive and inclusive nature of Australia and promote a tolerant and culturally

diverse society.

Harmony Day began in 1999, coinciding with the United Nations International

Day (for the elimination of racial discrimination),

it is an opportunity for everyone to come together.

We live in a multicultural country and to embrace people’s differences is a great

way of showing respect and appreciating each other. We can learn so much

from each other by listening and being open to ideas.

It was announced on Insight (SBS television) that our government is thinking of

implementing an anti racism strategy. I think they should start with schools and

education- at a grassroots level, so children learn at a young age, the

importance of tolerance and embracing different cultures. Then the focus

should progress to our media, TV and films, making sure diversity is adequately

represented because children look up to role models on television, so they feel

they belong and are part of society.


All in all, this is a good start and together we can achieve “harmony” and

tolerance in our society by working “together!”


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