This year started off to be challenging for me, coping with the death of my

mother, who passed away on 15th October 2011 from bowel cancer and

secondary liver cancer. I admit I do have a little cry each day,

but what keeps my spirit alive is having a purpose in life, this year being an

Ambassador for the Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day.


Booking a holiday to New York was the best medicine for me, it was a

temporary escape. The city that never sleeps inspired me with its art and

Broadway shows, so much so that I bought a note book and

couldn’t stop drawing ideas for artworks and wrote a play called, “The Wong

Side of Life.” I wanted one of the characters to have cancer (like my mother) but

also to be a racist, so the theme of the play would be of cancer and racism and

to add light in the story, I’ve included upbeat music, puppets and actors. I then

couldn’t wait to get back to Sydney to finish writing the play. I thought that this

play could be a “charity” play and I could donate a percentage to the Cancer

Council. After I had finished writing my play, I then showed it to The Cancer

Council. They loved the idea so much that asked me to be an Ambassador for

their Daffodil Day 2102. I was so happy that my play would have a purpose and

that I had the opportunity to go out into the schools and talk to school children

about cancer and the importance of looking after yourself, like eating healthy

food, exercising regularly and being sun smart. It was great to visit schools from

different social-economic backgrounds and I loved each and every one. For

example, I loved how La Perouse Public school has a fruit and vegetable garden,

which the children look after and eat from each day.


I was also touched to be part of a special school assembly at Belrose Public

School and I was impressed that Kambala girls’ school has “charity” prefects that

have a committee which chooses the charities the girls are moved by and  want

to be part of each year.


So on Friday 24th August, I hope everyone can pay forward the hope for a

cancer free future by buying a bunch of daffodils, or buy a Dougal bear, or

donate – and support the Cancer Council’s Daffodil

Day. Funds raised will go towards cancer research, prevention and information

and support services. Together we can make this world a better place and

hopefully a cancer free future.


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