“The Wong Side of Life” is a charity play for The Cancer Council.

This is my gift for the community. It’s a play about resilience and

friendship; it covers topics such as bullying, racism and cancer.


After the passing of my mother on October 15th, 2012 last year,

I wanted to write a play that comes from my heart, a play that

has hidden life messages which can open people’s minds.

This play is semi-autobiographical.


It’s an Australian drama-comedy musical premiere, set in the future – 2101.

The Wong Side of Life, has puppets and actors playing alongside each

other in this beautiful love story. It has a futuristic theme. Gone are

the days where people used to travel by buses, cars, trains

and planes as people now travel by supersonic jet packs!


This love story is about two people, Lin Wong and Reece Hart,

who hail from two very different worlds. Lin lives in Sunnyside,

your average working-class suburb whereas Reece

comes from a showbiz family and is a comedian! He and his mother,

Marie Manchester, live in the exclusive suburb of Moonside. Reece’s

mother is totally against their relationship as Lin comes from the

“wrong side”. It is not until Lin’s father, Dr Wong, moves their family

to China, due to his work that Marie’s perception on life changes,

as she is diagnosed with cancer. She realises that the only time we

should ever look down on a person, is to hold out our hand to help

them up and that she had been wrong about life.


I’ve put all my finances on the line for this and my sponsors
Buttar Cauldwell and Co. Solicitors, The Cupcake Princess &
Bowel Cancer Australia (who gave me a community grant)
have taken a risk on me too.
I hope the hidden life messages about bullying, racism and
cancer will be well received.

The Concourse, Chatswood, NSW

Mon 25 Mar 2013 7:30PM

Ticket pricing at:
The Concourse, Chatswood, NSW on
Mon 25 Mar 2013 7:30PM


A Reserve $22.50 – $90.00


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