It’s War by Alex Lykos (theatre review)

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‘It’s War’ written by Alex Lykos. Alex is Sydney’s critically acclaimed playwright telling contemporary Australian stories that reflect Australia’s evolving landscape and diversity.

Alex wrote Alex & Eve trilogy, A Long Night and now It’s War shows what happens when neighbourly friendships get tested in suburbia.

It’s War is a story about neighbourly altercations involving characters from diverse backgrounds. We live in a multicultural country full of diversity which is usually suppressed in mainstream media. Faces of “minorities” are usually presented in a stereotypical manner. Alex sends up and mocks these stereotypes by creating comedic characters, who are complex, over the top and some relatable.

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There are exaggerated politically incorrect undertones in this play for comic relief. Maria Tran plays Ngoc Bich, a recent Vietnamese migrant who is hilarious. She’s the only actor who puts on an accent that is drastically unlike her natural voice, as this is revealed in the middle of the play when she does a short narration promo about Alex and Eve. Maria pulls in the biggest laughs of the production with her impressive acting skills and comic abilities.

maria 2

Jenny Apostolou plays Soula who gives a good solid natural performance. Janette Lakiss plays Mona who plays the nasty, nosy, conniving neighbour from hell very convincingly. Ben Maclaine plays husband Shane to Ngoc Bich and Chris Argirousis plays Pandellis, the husband to Soula- both very strong performers.

What is most admirable about this play is not only the fantastic performances by this strong cast but the outstanding script writing from Alex Lykos, it leaves the audience wanting more and more after every scene – the tightness of the script and the comedic writing itself is outstanding.

It’s War is just a little over an hour with many twists and turns, with the stakes getting higher and higher after every scene. Fantastic stage direction by Alex Lykos.


With so many sold out performances, It’s War is coming back due to popular public demand on 21st, 22nd, 23rd November 2014 only. Buy tickets now to avoid disappointment. MA 15+





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