My Holiday to Singapore

Those planning a trip to Asia should definitely look up Singapore. It’s not only a wonderful foodies destination but a great cultural experience. Singapore’s rapid development is bringing more and more shops, offices, business and hotels to the area for travellers to explore. Stepping out of the modern and super-efficient Changi Airport and travelling downtown in a cab when I first arrived to Singapore was truly memorable. The greenery outside is simply captivating and one cannot go past the pristine cleanliness of the place.

Singapore 1.

Orchard Road

I enjoyed my foodies adventures from China Town to the upmarket smorgasbord at Marriott hotel where my taste buds experienced Durian creme brulee for the first time- it was heaven.

Singapore 2     Singapore 3

China Town meals $10

Marriott 1  Marriott 2  Marriott 3

Smorgasbord at Marriott Hotel

My adventure to The Birds Park at Jurong was worth the one hour journey getting there. I had to take a 40 minutes MRT train ride to Boon Lay and then a 20 minutes bus ride to Jurong. I stress that you must carry coins with you when traveling on the buses in Singapore. I got caught out when I caught the bus for the first time and put five dollars in the bus box expecting change in return and was then told by the bus driver afterwards that they don’t give out change. Apart from that hiccup at the start, the Birds Park was a highlight for me. I particularly enjoyed the penguins and lorikeets.

Bird park 2    Bird park 1   Bird park 3

Bird park 4      Bird park

My visit to The Singapore Museum was truly memorable and a great way to end my three day holiday. There were three levels to explore. The first level had a wonderful multi-media video piece of Singapore people eating. Each person was projected onto a human cut out- this was not allowed to be photographed. The second level had photographs of an artist covered in rice and the third level had an intriguing moving mechanical installation and a display of what looked like Christmas decorations strategically positioned to create a three dimensional art piece.

M1  M2  M3

Singapore Museum

I rate my trip a 9/10. I loved the cultural experience and it was so safe to travel, when I got lost walking around the city on my first night, the locals were so friendly and willing to help me find my way back to my hotel – drawing me a map or taking out their mobiles with GPS etc.


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