Cybercrime – what to do if it happens to you!

Cybercrime is any crime involving a computer and a network.


This happened to me once when I set up a social media page (e.g. Facebook / Twitter / Instagram) and was locked out, as the log in details and password had been changed. I contacted the social media account and after reading several forums I contacted the police. I spoke to Constable John Wilson c/o North Sydney Police Station. Constable Wilson was fantastic, he told me that this was a cybercrime / cyber theft which was best to be reported to


ACORN can monitor and see the IP address if the person/s continue to post things on the internet. If you have messaged the hacked account / the person to say not to use something of yours and if it’s continued, without your permission, it’s an offence. Did you know that logging into someone’s email or social networking account without their permission can be illegal? Identity theft is when someone pretends to be someone else to get a benefit or cause harm to someone else.

It is illegal to access or change password protected information on purpose and without permission of the person who set up an account such as a Facebook page / email / bank account etc. It is also illegal to intercept any communication passing over the internet and illegal to harass or offend someone – due to posting things against their will or emailing them with threats or harrassment or posting offensive posts on social media.


About ACORN (Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network). Acorn is a national policing initiative of the Commonwealth State breaching Australian law. It allows you to report cybercrime incidents which breach Australian law. Cyber crimes are crimes directed at computers or the devices (e.g.hacking) and where computers or other devices are integral to the offence ( fraud, identity theft and distributed child exploitation). For further information National Securities Hotline 1800 1234 00

Never be scared to report a crime, small or big to the police. 

Above References: ACORN, Legal Aid NSW and North Sydney Police


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