Creative Mornings with guest Lauren Capelin about ‘Collaborative consumption!’

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Creative Mornings is an international monthly breakfast lecture series designed for creative communities. Tina Roth-Eisenberg founded the lecture series in New York in 2008. July’s theme is – collaborate.

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July’s guest speaker for Sydney is Lauren Capelin. Lauren has played an instrumental role in building collaborative consumption into a global economy and movement and developed to become the leading source of news, resources and examples of space usage – globally, creating social good in the process.

She spoke about leading businesses who came from humble beginnings with their authentic souls for social good. First being Airbnb.

Airbnb first started when founders, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia were renting a house in San Francisco and there was a huge conference in town with all the hotels booked out. So they rented out a room with two air mattresses and advertised it locally as an Air bed and breakfast room to stay. They received three requests and provided their guests with great novel breakfasts (Obama O cereal) and showed their guests around town and treated them to a local experience. They then received return business and their bed and breakfast experience spread – by word of mouth. They researched on how to improve their business and approached seven investors to spend $150K for a cut in their business, five investors turned them down and two didn’t even bother to reply. A business now worth $20 billion valuation, with over 1 million listings.

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Brian Chesky’s Airbnb motto.

The second business Lauren mentioned was Peerby. 

Peerby is a small company establishing an alternative for our consumption driven throw away society, by connecting people with each other and encouraging collaborative consumption. By connecting people and their items with each other, they do something good for you, your wallet and the environment.

Screen shot 2015-07-17 at 1.14.39 PM

Lauren also talked about Tushare.

Tushare is a place for people to share their pre-loved and pre-owned things for free. Their mission is to make sharing easy, by providing a service that is personal, friendly and useful, through the joy of giving. TuShare can help you save money, declutter and protect the environment. Sharing is scientifically proven to make us happy. The people who make up the TuShare community are from all over Australia, and are passionate about sustainability, neighbourliness and the joy of giving! This means that you can find all sorts of items on TuShare from the basic to the sophisticated – all for a simple thank you!

creative m 2

Finally Lauren talked about Lyft.

Lyft for work is the future of employee transportation. Multiple people can share a lift, simplifying the process of getting employees around, making it more affordable for both parties and having less traffic on the road.

creat 6

Many thanks to Creative Mornings & Lauren Capelin for this informative breakfast lecture about collaborative consumption. This is a great way of serving the community and saving the environment.


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