Alex and Eve the movie (film review)

I had the great pleasure of attending MEAA’s (Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance) preview screening of Alex and Eve the movie.

Alex and Eve the movie is based on the stage play by Alex Lykos, which over 35k people attended since 2006 when it was first performed. The film is directed by Peter Andrikidis.


When Richard Brancatisano (Alex) appeared on the big screen, female audience members swooned over his charismatic screen presence accompanied by his good performance delivery. Richard plays Alex, a school teacher in his thirties whose parents want him to marry a good Greek girl. Alex falls helplessly in love with Eve. Eve, (Andrea Demetriades who also gave a good natural performance), plays a lawyer whose parents are Lebanese Muslin. They desperately try to arrange her marriage with another Muslim which causes great conflict in the film. The story is set in Sydney with great cinematography highlighting the best of Sydney Harbour.


What struck me the most was the impressive young ensemble cast who played Alex’s students. They were outstanding with their comic deliveries and timing, making the audience laugh throughout the film. They include: Nathan Melki (Chris), Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee (Mandy), Katerine-Ann MacKinnon-Lee (Sarah), Chloe Condylis (Rima) and not forgetting Rahel Romahn (Shadi, Eve’s brother).

Screen shot 2015-10-17 at 11.41.01 AM  Screen shot 2015-10-17 at 12.14.17 PM

Strong performances were also noted by Tony Nikolakopoulos who played the obnoxious George (Alex’s Dad) and Simon Elrahi (Bassam – Eve’s Dad). Alex Lykos also made a wonderful appearance as Stavros.


A trademark of Alex’s work is that it reflects the modern multicultural Australia in which we currently live in today. His writing is precise, straight to the point with no waffling and always has great, unexpected comedic moments. I feel that he’s an underrated writer who deserves much more. I hope Alex and Eve the movie will be embraced by the general public and his peers, giving him global opportunities to make more diverse comedic films internationally. He has definitely set the benchmark for more diverse Australian films of this calibre to be made.

Alex and Eve the movie opens in cinemas on 22nd October 2015.

8.5 / 10

Other audience members’ comments.

“Alex and Eve” is about multicultural Australia at its best. There have been many films of late about cross-cultural relationships – the beauty of this one is that it doesn’t shy away from the problems, and is deeply embedded in the local.” Sukhmani Khorana

“It was the first I felt I was the target demographic for a film being a first generation Aussie middle Easterner! And it had some great laughs.” Mansoor Noor

Photos courtesy of Alex and Eve the movie.



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