Creative terrariums – by Ikigai

Two Australian Born Chinese women – Kim and Beryl started creating terrariums as a hobby, which has now turned into a passionate successful growing business! I had the pleasure of interviewing them about their creative terrarium business.

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Joy: Where did the name come from?

Kim: The name Ikigai Australia comes from a Japanese concept ‘the reason of being’ and it is believed that everyone has ‘their Ikigai’. It is the idea of doing something you love; doing something you are good at, something, which the world needs, and something you can be paid for. We personally fell in love with the word and the concept when we came across it, and we feel that our Ikigai as such is to share our joy of our living products and designs with others.

Joy: What’s your background?

Kim: We’re both ABCs – Australian Born Chinese and we both did unrelated university degrees (Engineering and Audiology!).

Beryl: Ikigai Australia gives us the opportunity to be able to release our inner creativity, which we cannot otherwise express in our day jobs, and we love every moment of it!

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Joy: What made you want to start your business together?

Beryl: Kimberley had been making terrariums for some years now, and had been giving them to friends and family as gifts for some time. I have always admired her creations and how she could create a whole mini world within a glass container, so in the last year I started joining her in her creations, thus fuelling our passion and drive to something we can share with everyone.

Joy: How did you two meet and start up a business together?

Beryl: We’ve been best friends since high school and thought it would be an amazing journey to undertake this hobby and business together.

Joy: What gives you joy in your life?

Beryl: We love spending time with our families, friends and meeting new friends, as well as exploring new places and expanding our food adventures!

Joy: What do you do each day to start your creative flow & inspiration?

Beryl: We try to appreciate something every day – whether it’s noticing a new succulent growing in the backyard or how cute an elderly couple is when they’re sitting on a bench together, and then tying some of those things into our creations.

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Joy: What is your dream goal?

Kim: To be able to expand our current Ikigai Australia range of living creations and prints, and to be able to incorporate it as part of a cafe concept, which gives back to the community.

Joy: Where do you see yourselves in 10 years time?

Beryl:  We hope to be able to establish our terrarium café and at the same time be able to maintain a good family work life balance.

Joy: What advice do you give up and coming women in business (tips?)

Beryl: Just do it! Plan of course, but eventually you need to just take the leap of faith in knowing that while there is always the possibility of failure, you owe it to yourself to give it a go. Being passionate about what you do is also essential, as the first few months and perhaps years will be difficult, and it will be your passion in your products and your business that will pull you through!

For more information check out their website




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