Forget New Year’s Resolutions!



So you’ve gone out on New Year’s Eve and everyone’s asking, “What’s your New Year’s Resolution or Resolutions?” The answer to tell them is, “To not make any resolutions!” Reason being, I never stick to them!

For the last three years, I’ve told myself, the number one resolution for me is to lose weight!” The first year I wanted to lose two kilograms, the next year three and so on…in the last five years instead of losing weight, I’ve gained five kilograms! So no, this year I’ve decided – no resolutions and maybe next year I may have lost the five kilograms I had wished for in the first place!


Research has shown that “making massive goals are deflating rather than motivating” and that most New Year’s resolutions are broken by March that year. Also 42 percent of New Year’s Resolutions involve trying to be healthier. Yes I tried this however if pureeing kale in juices makes you gag, just don’t do it – I did and it was the start of bulimia! I soon put an end to that. Also with past resolutions I wanted to be healthy. I told myself that I would cook more. Again – I was wrong! Cooking and cleaning up afterwards became more of a chore and a workout in itself. I spent the whole time cleaning the eggs whites that I tried to soufflé off the floor, and the pureed fruit and vegetables became a Pro-Hart art piece splattered on my walls. Suddenly I told myself – STOP! It’s OK not to cook every night, give yourself a break. I now cook two or three times a week and use the left over roast lamb or chicken in wraps, sushi or fried rice. The other nights I eat out at takeout joints that have healthy options, loaded with veggies, lean meats and proteins and grains. I also love takeaway sushi at places that make it fresh right in front of you, not those places where the sushi is going round and round on a sushi train for an hour or so, or sitting at counter all day for you to get food poisoning!


So if anyone asks, “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?” Say, “to not have one!” And maybe 2017 will be a ripper year for all with no expectations! Just a year to live and be happy!




The Joy House Film Festival

The Joy House Film Festival is a positive yearly short film festival with the theme of JOY which supports diversity and gives a platform for emerging film makers.


This FREE event is held on Sunday 21st September from 3.30pm to 5pm at The Concourse’s Urban Screen, 409 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood. 

Joy House film festival (long shot)

Every year we select ten of the best short films from comedy, animation, documentary, indigenous, multicultural, drama and so on. At the end of we present prizes for not only best film but also Hoyts People’s Choice Award, Aardvark’s Best Indigenous / Multicultural film and Bendigo Bank’s Best Youth Film.

Joy House Film Festival crowd final

Bendigo Bank has kindly provided two marquees for early arrivers and we have 100 free show bag give-aways for the audience. Hoyts has also kindly donated movie tickets as fun give-aways during the event for our voting audience and I’ve donated a lucky door prize for an audience member too. All the audience has to do is to leave their worries at home and bring a beanie and a coat to keep warm and we’ll provide the fun and entertainment.

This is a fun, family event….so SPREAD THE JOY

and we’ll see you there!

Joy House Film Festival press release

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