Forget New Year’s Resolutions!



So you’ve gone out on New Year’s Eve and everyone’s asking, “What’s your New Year’s Resolution or Resolutions?” The answer to tell them is, “To not make any resolutions!” Reason being, I never stick to them!

For the last three years, I’ve told myself, the number one resolution for me is to lose weight!” The first year I wanted to lose two kilograms, the next year three and so on…in the last five years instead of losing weight, I’ve gained five kilograms! So no, this year I’ve decided – no resolutions and maybe next year I may have lost the five kilograms I had wished for in the first place!


Research has shown that “making massive goals are deflating rather than motivating” and that most New Year’s resolutions are broken by March that year. Also 42 percent of New Year’s Resolutions involve trying to be healthier. Yes I tried this however if pureeing kale in juices makes you gag, just don’t do it – I did and it was the start of bulimia! I soon put an end to that. Also with past resolutions I wanted to be healthy. I told myself that I would cook more. Again – I was wrong! Cooking and cleaning up afterwards became more of a chore and a workout in itself. I spent the whole time cleaning the eggs whites that I tried to soufflé off the floor, and the pureed fruit and vegetables became a Pro-Hart art piece splattered on my walls. Suddenly I told myself – STOP! It’s OK not to cook every night, give yourself a break. I now cook two or three times a week and use the left over roast lamb or chicken in wraps, sushi or fried rice. The other nights I eat out at takeout joints that have healthy options, loaded with veggies, lean meats and proteins and grains. I also love takeaway sushi at places that make it fresh right in front of you, not those places where the sushi is going round and round on a sushi train for an hour or so, or sitting at counter all day for you to get food poisoning!


So if anyone asks, “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?” Say, “to not have one!” And maybe 2017 will be a ripper year for all with no expectations! Just a year to live and be happy!




10 Super Budget Ideas & ways to make extra money (for creatives, families, parents, students…)

Here are some super saving budget ideas for creatives, families, students, parents, pensioners and some ways to make extra money. Some of these ideas I’ve tried and they’ve helped me, others have been recommended to me and hope they can help you too!

1. FIVERR is a great website for creatives who are either looking for a service or would like to list their service of expertise, for a minimum of $5. They include Graphics / Online Marketing / Writing & Translation / Video and Animation / Music and Audio / Programming and Tech etc. You may need someone in one of those fields to do a job for you, like I needed a graphic designer. Or you may like to advertise your creative skills to get more $$ income.

Check it out-

2.  Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for travellers looking to book accommodation around the world, online. It also allows you to list accommodation if you have a spare room which you’re looking to rent out for some extra $$ income.

Check it out-


3.  Extras work. If you’re wanting a taste of the entertainment industry, or you’re looking for some extra $$, why not list yourself with an Extras agency. I wish I did this when I started out and was studying at university, instead of juggling three part time jobs in sales and hospitality. You’ll be paid around $25 an hour. It’s fun and a rather easy way to make money. The only drawbacks – long waiting periods between scenes and the days are often ten hours long. Bonus – easy way of making a living and you may even meet your favourite actors on set!

4. Freecycle.  This service has been recommended to me by set and prop designers and stylists I’ve worked with on film jobs. I haven’t tried this service yet, but it’s on my bucket list. It’s a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own communities. It’s all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by local volunteers and membership is free.

5. Child Care services at home and shared nannies. Some of my friends with children belong to various child home care services which they find more economical than commercial child centres (because the number of children in this service is small – (five) or they share a nanny. For more details contact –

Or if you have experience caring for children, can provide a warm, secure and family focussed environment, and want to build your own successful home based child care business, Family Day Care Australia can give you all the information you need to become a carer.


6. Toy Libraries (and book libraries)  Toy Libraries Australia (TLA) has over 160 toy libraries in Australia. Many friends of mine with children belong to this service and find it very economical. Like book libraries, you can fill out a request form asking for the latest toy released. Downfall – requesting for the latest release isn’t a guarantee and there may be long waiting periods for popular toys.

(You may also like to start your own Toy library and all your purchases could be tax-deductible – speak to your accountant.)


7.  Aged Pensioner Discounts and services. I’ve only just recently learned that some supermarkets (like IGA) offer special discount shopping days for elderly pensioners. In Perth, IGA has 5% off for elderly pensioners on Tuesdays! Please note- Not all IGA stores offer this but some do. Also some Health Food stores offer special discounts for elderly pensioners as well. Some councils offer special services for elderly pensioners (recreational services), so I highly recommend for you to call your local councils, stores, restaurants and supermarkets and ask if they offer any special discounts /services for elderly pensioners.    

8. Price Match.  Many department stores (like Myer, Officeworks, Dick Smith, Toys R Us, Kmart etc ) and some Airlines (Jetstar, Flight Centre, British Airways etc) offer price matching. They can match the price, and some may offer a slightly cheaper price for you if you have proof – catalogue / newspaper article to show.    

 9. Foodies Saving Ideas. My friend Lo has shared some of these great food saving ideas with me. Some of them I’m yet to do, but they’re on my bucket list! 

– A left over roast chicken carcass can be used to make chicken stock. You can boil the carcass with some vegetables (onion, carrots etc) and then freeze the chicken stock for future use.

– Brown bananas can be used for smoothies / bake banana bread.

– Old bread can be put into a food processor to make bread crumbs / cut into squares to make croutons.

– Freeze unfinished champagne, red wine, lemons, limes etc into ice-cube trays to be used later for sauces etc. Champagne cubes with orange juice.

Screen shot 2014-05-12 at 11.13.02 PM

10. Creative recycling / Garage Sales etc. Many odds and ends can be recycled and made into creative things. For example, I’ve turned an old pair of jeans into a book bag. I’ve also turned an old canvas bag into an outdoor plant pouch. Old jam, wine and mason jars can be turned into candle holders, paint brush holders, flower vases and so on. It’s just a matter of using your imagination and creativity. If you have a lot of junk which can’t be recycled, why not have a huge garage sale or attend a car boot sale.

It’s a great feeling  to spring clean your life, you’re also cleaning mental clutter and renewing your mind and soul. Give it a go and enJOY!   

My Birthday Blog



Today’s a day of celebrations, not only is it my birthday

but it’s the day I chose to release the Don’t Be a Loser 

music video, (an anti-racism and anti-bullying initiative)

featuring The Wong Side Of Life puppets. Directed by Pearl Tan

and written and produced by myself. I also co-wrote the song

Loser produced / co-written by Paul Wiltshire (Producer of

The Back Street Bays, Human Nature etc).


Screen shot 2014-05-03 at 4.00.07 PM


As a five year old I remember quite vividly my first week

at school. I watched the year six boys play basketball

during lunch time and wanted to play with them. I watched

and waited for the moment of opportunity when their basketball

rolled out of the basketball court, onto the sidelines to where

I was standing. I quickly grabbed their ball and proudly threw it

back to them, hoping they’d ask me to play. Instead they yelled,

“Get your f##** hands off our ball you bloody JAP!”

Jap??? I didn’t really know what they meant by calling me

a “JAP” as I was an Australian -Chinese.  I then heard

another year six boy say, “She’ll never make it in our

school, bloody Asians, they’re all ugly and the same!”


Joy at school - final school play


When I told my teacher, she told me not to worry about

them as it was them with the problem not me and said,

“find something you love doing and do it well, then

others will respect you for it.”


At that time I was good at sprint running and long jump

and trained hard after school each day to be the best I could

possibly be. After weeks of training, I eventually won the

Junior championship medal and gained respect from my peers.

Some nicknamed me as Hoppy, and sung (Come on Hoppy, Come on,

Come on)  or Joy Runner. By year six I was voted school prefect

and captain… all thanks to my first grade teacher’s advice.

Advice I’ll be sharing with children through my motivational

talks and creativity workshops – Creativity Through Kindness

(The Wong Side of Life).


Deanmore School edited


Next month we’ll be launching this video into schools

where I’ll be doing my Creativity through Kindness workshops,

starting with Darlington Public school in Sydney.


In the music video for Loser, ( “a loser is who you are…loser”)

reveals that the person who bullies or is a racist is in fact

the loser’ not the victim.


As long as I live, I hope to put an end to racism and bullying,

with the projects that I do and to promote diversity in the arts.

Projects including the yearly – Joy House Film Festival (21st Sept

@ The Urban Screen) and The Wong Side of Life. 


Joy House film festival (long shot)


I’d like to thank everyone who supports my vision,

hoping to make a difference. Thank you for making

my birthday special by reading my blog and watching

The Wong Side of Life music video.

Spread the JOY! 

“Loser” music video

Screen shot 2014-05-05 at 4.26.44 PM


Mark Ferguson (Channel 7 Newsreader)

“That’s fantastic, very well done. The louder the better.”

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 2.55.09 PM

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 2.55.45 PM

Everyday Hero

“Fantastic Initiative! You’ve truly gone above and beyond, great work!”

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 11.14.25 AM